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The “Santa Fu” prison of Dusseldorf is the home of the two convicts Mike "The Snake" Smith and Joe "The Eagle" Jackson. Among the other prisoners rumor has it that the two have been planning an outbreak for a long time and that they probably have help by an accomplice inside or outside the prison walls. Due to a fortunate coincidence the two convicts are temporarily relocated to other cells and now you are locked up in the cells of Snake and Eagle.
As a group of 4 to 6 prisoners investigate the cells for any clues. Figure out their escape plan, make it your own and get your way towards freedom! The accomplice, who wrongly assumes that Snake and Eagle are still locked up in the cells, will now help you. Because the accomplice has control over the ventilation system, he lets gas flow into all other areas of the prison, so that everyone besides you falls asleep deeply and fast. But be careful, the gas only works for 60 minutes then the guards wake up again! Hurry and use your chance to escape!


"Perfect Versus Game": Play two identical rooms at the same time, sharing your playing experience afterwards without revealing the secrets of the room. Simply book room A and room B at the same time.

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