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Das Unternehmen: Portalstation


Corneliusstraße 63 40215 Düsseldorf ()

+49 1590 1357754

Corneliusstraße Bus: 732 Tram: 701<br> Fürstenplatz Tram: 704 707

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A portal to a unexplored parallel world has been opened. At the last attempt to explore it a mistake happened – the portal gem got lost. Both worlds are in danger now! Only the portal gem can control the portal. The portal is becoming more unstable and the worlds are starting to merge. Your task is to find out what happened and bring back the portal gem. Travel into a mysterious world, find the portal gem and save the world! In our first Live Adventure “Safecreacker – The break-in”, you will travel into a world that looks like a comic. You solve a varierty puzzles throghout the offices of a safe manufacturing company.

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