Escape Game Sweet Revenge

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Breaking news! A murder has been committed in the popular Craftbeer Corner Coeln. There is no trace of the murderer and the details of the crime remain a mystery. Despite the work from the forensic department and witness statements, well-known investigators find this case a hard nut to crack. Is this the "perfect murder" that can never be solved?!
Your team of investigators doesn't believe in perfect crimes, so you take over the investigations. Who, if not you, should solve this case? After all you are the best investigators in Europe! Gather evidence, evaluate the witness statements, look for a motive for the crime and convict the murderer! You need to hurry because there is an acute risk of flight and the suspects cannot be detained much longer due to the scanty evidence. Will 60 minutes be enough to solve this case?


Also available here: Lübecker Str. 8-10 50668 Köln

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