Escape Game The Twilight of the Gods

Das Unternehmen: Team Escape


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Deep down in the tropical forest your expedition team discovers a small, desolate settlement. All traces lead to the assumption that the village has been suddenly abandoned a long time ago and that you are not the first ones to have made your way to this place. Your native companions tell you about discovering the entrance to a temple that is surrounded by an ancient force. They are terrified and escape from the settlement in a hurry. Despite of the warnings, your team still decides to stay and all of a sudden mysterious incidents start to occur… little by little, members of your expedition team begin to vanish without leaving a trace. It seems like you have awoken something that was supposed to be kept quiet for all time. You are the remaining part of your expedition team (2-6 persons) and it is your task to avert the catastrophe. You have exactly one hour to solve the secret of the mysterious place in the jungle, before the rest of you will also end up irrecoverably lost.

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