Escape Game The Gallerist

Das Unternehmen: Final Escape Berlin


Prenzlauer Allee 23, Berlin ()

+49 30 91441886

U2, U5, U8, S5, S75 Alexanderplatz, than M2 till Prenzlauer Allee/Metzerstr. (7 min)

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Many years ago 3 of 4 versions of a famous work of art were stolen from the Norwegian National Gallery. Despite an intensive investigation only 2 have been recovered, the 3rd is still missing. A trail leads us to a gallery in Berlin which also happens to be an insider’s tip for art lovers. In addition to the exhibits there are some surprises waiting in the gallery. One of your accomplices distracts the curator, another is waiting in the getaway car. You and the rest of your team have exactly 60 minutes to search for the stolen artwork.