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You are a team of 2 to 6 experienced reporters from a mystery documentary series, who are always in search for new unexplainable mysteries. You have followed an anonymous tip that has taken you to a small town where there is supposed to be an abandoned house that is the scene of gruesome events: People are regularly disappearing in the area, and the old people tell stories about torture noises and shrieks that come out of this house.
But this doesn´t impress you, because from previous cases, you already know that there are no paranormal incidents. No, you have been able to reveal every secret so far. It seems like it is the perfect place to work on a new story.
But this time everything seems different: After you enter the house, you realize that you have been lured into an ambush. All the windows and doors are locked, you're trapped. In the distance you hear footsteps and you realize that the house does not seem to be so deserted as it was reported to you before ...
You have an hour to reveal the secret of this house to save your own life as well as that of your teammates. Hurry, otherwise it may be too late!


"Hour of Evil" is the same room as the previous room "Resident Evil". So if you have already played "Resident Evil", please choose a different room.

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