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You receive an emergency call of the Titanik 2.0. The ship is sinking! On board is a scientist with important information on a top-secret experiment. You have 60 minutes to save the scientist ...
There are many stories about the ship, about secret experiments on board and ancient artifacts of great power. The research ship Titanik 2.0 was last seen in the Indian Ocean. How did it get to the Bermuda Triangle, 9,000 miles away, within such a short period of time?
The captain of the Titanik 2.0 is an old, experienced seal. It is quite surprising that he spent a lot of time in the Nevada desert. There are many incredible stories about the captain and even rumors that he is a member of a secret society.
A helicopter will fly you to the sinking Titanic 2.0. You will go on board in two teams, rescue the scientist and finally try to escape from the sinking ship.


The Titanik 2.0 is sinking. Be prepared that it will get a little tight here and there. The scientist in particular should not suffer from claustrophobia. You will be divided into 2.1 groups: a scientist and 2 rescue teams.

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