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Escape Rooms in Cologne is an excellent opportunity for spending time with family and friends. It’s time you escaped the room! Escape rooms is a new popular type of entertainment in Cologne. Here you will find information about the best escape rooms provided by different companies.

Latest escape room reviews

  • Escape game: The Magic Library
    Team X war mein erstes Spiel dieser Art und wird nicht mein letztes sein, aber es wird immer das erste bleiben und somit immer was besonderes.


  • Escape game: Zombie-Laboratory
    Es hat viel Spaß gemacht für eine Stunde in einer anderen Welt zu sein und die Menschheit vor einem Zombie-Virus zu retten. Es war sehr knifflig und sehr gut gemacht! Werde die Magische Bibliothek mit Freunden auch noch erkunden. Vielen Dank an dad Team für diese Erfahrung, nur zu empfehlen! 5*


  • Escape game: Zombie-Laboratory
    Wir sind quasi Live-Escape-Game-Profis, denn wir haben schon über 25 Escape Games gespielt. Bei Team X haben wir eine ganz besondere Zeitreise genossen. In beiden Räumen steckt sowohl bei der Deko als auch bei den Rätseln die Liebe zum Detail. Die beiden Betreiber des Spiels sind supernett und nehmen sich echt viel Zeit für den anschließenden Erfahrungsaustausch! Wirklich sehr zu empfehlen!!!


  • Escape game: ”Perfect“ Versus Game
    We had so much fun at Team Escape! We were visiting our friends in Cologne during Karnival. There was a total of 9 of us, 4 girls, 5 guys. We booked both rooms and had a Battle of the Sexes. Needless to say, just as the bell rang my group, the girls, found the key and unlocked the door! The guys never figured theirs out! BUT, it was so much fun for everyone! We talked about it all the way home. The next time we come back to Cologne we will play again! I hope that they will change out the puzzles. The guys running it were wonderful and I think they had just as much as we did trying to "escape"! Well worth it.

    Nikie W

  • Escape game: Street Events
    the challenge is very good team working is important very good experience possibility to come back cause 2 challenges are proposed


  • Escape game: Mr. Nobody
    It was a refreshing, entertaining and fun experience after all! However there are few disadvantages about it: 1: the rooms are small and does not give you the feeling you expect for such game. 2: the price is a bit high for an hour game! 6 people pay aprox 125 Euro for an hour game which is a bit too much ... 3: because of the small place the minimum participant should be 3 to 4 max not 5 or 6 !!! But Overall, it was fun and worth trying!

    Reza J