Escape Game The Blood Diamonds of Rabuun

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Rumors persist that the reputed band director Joe Parker has got himself involved in certain dodgy business dealings. Among other things, it is said, that particularly valuable diamonds are to be found in his bank. The crowning jewel is the legendary „Big Joe“ from the mines of Rabuun. Unfortunately Joe Parker's countless trips to Africa coupled with his extremely suspicious behavior in recent months is not sufficient to form a solid case in court. Even so, we are convinced of his guilt and want to put a stop to his crimes. Alone we cannot manage it, we need your help!
Your team will dive into the roles of special agents. Your mission – break into the „Parker & Sons“ bank, steal „Big Joe“ for us and find evidence of Joe Parkers other criminal activities. However, beware: The bank director is a master at protecting his secrets...


"Perfect Versus Game": Play two identical rooms at the same time, sharing your playing experience afterwards without revealing the secrets of the room. Simply book room A and room B at the same time.

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